Tags & Searches: How You Can Get the Most Out of this Blog

by Beth Velletri

At Wayside, we strive to empower our teachers by providing them tools to succeed with their students in the world language classroom. To honor this mission, we’ve teamed up with real life world language teachers -just like you- to offer advice, tips, reflections and fresh perspectives through our blog, Proficiency Talks.

Here is the situation: you may have read a post and thought it was worth re-reading at another time (but what was the title, again?). Or perhaps you are new to our community and do not know the topics or authors, but want to read a post that more closely speaks to you. How do you go about finding these?

Well-it is quite easy! Just click on a tag or type a keyword into the search feature. Let’s take a look!

You likely get the weekly blog post sent to your email inbox. When you open that email, you will see something like this:

Toward the bottom of the email is the word “Tags.” When you click on any of those tags, a browser window will open to the Proficiency Talks webpage, and only the posts with that exact tag will show.

If you decide to click on the “Read more of this post” link in the email, the Proficiency Talks page will open, and you can scroll to the bottom of the blog, where you will see the image of a tag.

So, let’s say you love a post by Alma Rivera, and you want to read all of her posts. If you click on the tag with her name, you will see only those she has written. If a topic she discusses speaks to you, you can click on that tag, and you will be able to see all the posts with the same tag written by any of our authors. And, if you know of a topic you want to read about, you always have the option of clicking the magnifying glass at the top of the page and typing in the topic name.

The neat thing is that you can also see all of the tags we use by scrolling to the bottom of the webpage.

We are very interested in knowing your thoughts on current or past blog posts, so if you have something to say, please share it by leaving a reply at the bottom of the post. Additionally, if you have blog topic ideas you would like us to write about or if you are interested in being a blog writer for Proficiency Talks please contact us!

Beth Velletri is a freelance writer and former college English instructor and academic advisor. Her specialties include technical and academic writing. Beth loves turning complex information into readable and relatable text.

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